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LabInform is the modular Laboratory Information system for the scientist, who has neither money nor time to familiarise himself with complex, large solutions for electronic data acquisition and storage. It is a collection of best practices from almost fifteen years of personal experience in everyday laboratory work.

All components are based on free and open source software, the core idea is simplicity and scalability. The system should fit as easily as possible into existing processes, offer the user maximum freedom, but at the same time help to maintain an overview (or get a new one) when the data volumes grow and the group grows.

A description of LabInform is available as preprint via ChemRxiv:

A demo of the wiki components of LabInform (currently in German only) is available online:

About the Author/Developer: The author of LabInform is a scientist in the field of physical chemistry and spectroscopy. He has fifteen years of practical experience with everyday laboratory work and a penchant for the traceability of data acquisition and processing. In addition, he has developed two relatively extensive and proven evaluation programs for spectroscopic data. Further information can be found on his homepage.

A word on technology: This page uses JavaScript for some display options (footnotes, literature, index on the left margin).

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